This  tool is designed for every one, who likes read EBooks on his Palm computer.  It aims to do three very simple but bit annoying things:
You need just to plug your device in and press "HotSync" button, if you are lucky enough.

Unfortunately, you have to use command line to have all that magic done for you.  

Some one will ask me: "Why have not you done it by one mouse click in browser?"  

My answer  is - it's possible. You can make a ActiveX form provided jar and register it in your IE. Ups! Sometimes IE hangs. I accept that it's probably my fault, but I don't want to spend many hours to fix it. I'd prefer to read couple books  more.

"Fire Fox" - we like it. But you need to write an extension and deal with security policies to be able to install files directly to the Palm. If you know how to do that, please help this project.