This is command line options:  fb2zxtx [options]  url| file
Option Description
-a Set adjust type for output document
  • 0 - (Default) A newline by itself is ok. For normal text strip the newline unless the line is less than the line length when it is left alone.
  • 1 -  A newline by itself is ok. For other lines remove all linefeed.
  • 2 -  Do nothing ;)
-b line length . It has sense only with -a 0 .
-c Sets configuration file to read. If it is not specified, it tries to find ./,  ~/ and inside jar.
If process finishes correctly, a new ~/ files will be created.
-e Sets output encoding for XSLT  transformation.  It is used only for Fiction Book xml now. Default encoding is "windows-1251".
-r reg expression to make context list
-h prints help message
-t Sets  document title or it will be generated from url/file name. For FB2 formatter tries to get it from the document.
-z Set the method of compression to be used. makeztxt supports to methods of compression.
  • 1 - allows for random access with a zTXT document and is the standard method.
  • 2 - gives 10-15% higher compression but requires that the entire document be decompressed before it can be read by the user. Default is method 1.